“Tips on Trout Fishing in January”

I hope everybody has a great Christmas! This can be a very fun month to get out and do some Trout fishing. With the water temperatures going down, the Trout bite turns on! One of my favorite places to fish for Trout this time of the year would have to be the Placida and Pine Island Sound areas. I look for the sand holes with grass around them that are anywhere from 4 to 6 feet deep in clean water. It always seems to be a better Trout bite when the water is moving a little bit and there is a slight breeze. I typically use shrimp on a 1/8 ounce jig head or a 2.0 circle hook with a popping cork. Make sure that you use a nice sized shrimp. It helps a lot to fish these holes on a low tide; the problem is you have to have a boat that will allow you to get back into these spots without getting stuck! What happens is, as the tide falls out all of the bait fish get pushed out so your shrimp look plenty appetizing to these fish and you don’t have to worry about the pin fish pecking your shrimp apart like they do in the summer time. Now if you are into throwing artificial, a DOA shrimp or a mirrolure MR17 works excellent! Try to work slowly in the mornings then as the sun comes up you can speed up your retrieve a little bit as it warms up. You want to throw over the sand holes a good 20 yards and work your baits back through the sand hole where the fish are laying, waiting to ambush your bait! In our area Trout have to be no less than 15 inches to keep and you are allowed up to four Trout per person, only one of them can be over 20 inches. They make for a very tasty meal! This is my special recipe for cooking trout. First rinse your fillets in the sink, making sure they are cleaned up, no bones. It is important to keep them moist. Start with flour, scramble some eggs and roll them in the flour and egg mixture then roll them in Panko crumbs. Take a medium sized pan and fill it half way with olive oil. Start deep frying and cook until they are a light golden brown on both sides. Once they are done sprinkle with garlic salt or one of your favorite seasoning. Break out the Louisiana Hot Sauce and enjoy your meal! I wish everybody luck out there this month. A very Happy New Year of fishing is upon us! Captain George Frantz is a Florida native and has been fishing the waters in and around Charlotte Harbor, FL for over three decades! He started fishing with his Grandfather at a young age and has been “hooked” ever since.  George wants to share his experience and knowledge with other anglers that share his passion, which is light tackle flats fishing on beautiful Charlotte Harbor, Peace River and the surrounding bodies of water in Southwest Florida. Contact Captain George today to book your next fishing charter 941-628-2314. Visit us at www.southwestflcharters.com or email southwestflcharter@gmail.com

Twin Trout!

Twin Trout!


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