Explosive Redfish

With the warm weather approaching there is nothing more exciting than doing some redfishing. Redfish are one of the hardest fish to lure making them a very exciting trophy fish to catch this time of the year. Expect them to put up a fight all the way to the boat!

As the water temperature warms up to around 75 degrees it causes the Redfish to start chasing bait. I like to throw white bait as I find that it really gets their attention!

Redfish are sneaky and can be hiding in potholes or by the bushes it all depends on the tide. On a high tide they are probably by the bushes and on low tides they lay down in pot holes. They are also found by oyster beds or sand bars. These are all good places to try and catch the elusive Redfish.

Now when you find a school or family of fish you want to take your time moving in on them. As I mentioned earlier, they are very sneaky and they spook very easily! If you spook them it makes it really hard to catch them. You may not get another opportunity to snag one if you make too much movement or noise. Trolling motors work great to move in on your spot or use a push pole and shut down your big motor about two hundred yards from your fish. Be sure to take your time moving in as this is key! There have been times when I had to push my boat across a sand bar just to get to my redfish so I wouldn’t spook them and it has definitely paid off time and time again.

Once you have moved in on your fish and you are ready to start casting out to them. Take your white bait put it on a 2/0 hook with about a three foot leader and 20 pound test with 15 pound power pro braided line. Any color will work whatever you have confidence in. Don’t be afraid to chum with a little bit of your bait to get them worked up. Redfish are very competitive feeders. When you start to see them swirl or boil throw about five pieces of white bait on them. It will increase your odds of catching one of these explosive fish!

If you’re not big on throwing cast nets you can always use live Shrimp by hooking them right behind the horn, still using that 2/0 hook and running a bobber up the leader about three foot or so. I hope these tips help you catch these ever so fun fish. So get out there and have some fun tight lines to all until next time.

Capt. George Frantz was born and raised in Punta Gorda, FL. He has beenfishing the waters in and around Charlotte Harbor since he was a kid! Call Capt. George today to find out what is biting and to book your next guided fishing charter adventure 941-628-2314. Check out our website for more awesome fishing pictures www.southwestflcharters.com

Anglers Mark & Chase Mathes proudly display their Redfish they caught on Charlotte Harbor while fishing with Capt. George

Anglers Mark & Chase Mathes proudly display their Redfish they caught on Charlotte Harbor while fishing with Capt. George


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